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American Dream Cruises allow the traveler to experience the exotic cultures, pristine island landscapes and the mesmerizing beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Traveling on a Pacific cruise will take you to many unique and memorable locations such as the Hawaiian Islands, Guam, Samoa and Japan. It is a very convenient cruise to book with disembarkation ports along the west coast of the United States and Canada as well as other ports in Japan, South Korea, China and Australia.

Because of the variety of ports, there are dozens of routes and places to visit. The most popular port of call is probably the Hawaiian Islands. Born from an underwater volcano, Hawaii has expeditions to explore the foliage and the beach, cultural tours that weave traditional Hawaiian mythology with history, vibrant shopping centers and an exciting nightlife for those who cannot slow down.

Guam’s natural beauty and isolation have made it a unique point of interest. From the thatched huts of the Chamorros, to the stone bridges of Hagatna, the cultural influences of the occupiers and inhabitants of Guam are always present. Guam hosts a unique and friendly culture and activities ranging from the outdoors enthusiast to the city dweller.

The Samoan Islands host a myriad of unique activities and sightseeing opportunities. You can visit Robert Louis Stevenson’s luxurious estate, dive with turtles or visit the many hot spas. Absorb the unique culture and history of the Samoan people, separated from the rest of the world and its worries.

It’s difficult to call Japan the highlight because the rest of the ports of call are unique and amazing in their own right, but Japan is one of the technological wonders of the world that still adheres to its mystical past, roots and traditions. Once you see the majestic Mount Fuji, you’ll understand why it’s been an artistic inspiration for thousands of years. You’ll be overwhelmed and absorbed by the lights of the city and its brilliant fusion of Eastern and Western cuisines.

The Pacific Ocean cruise is a visit to another world, a world steeped in history and tradition, in a unique, yet related culture that you’ll never forget.

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